Doing. Building. Securing.

With DBS, you’ll get cybersecurity, cloud services, service management and more—all with a team that’s knowledgeable AND easy to work with.


We know that IT can be complicated, but don’t worry—we’re the team that will find the right solution for you through an easy and enjoyable process. By combining our technical expertise with a business-oriented mindset, we can be there for you—whether you’re a large-scale nationwide corporation or a small, local business.

Our Business Tech Services

DBS technicians offer hardware and software solutions to help your business grow and stay secure. We manage products remotely, but also have a physical presence in the community.

Managed IT Services
Our tech experts take care of your computer systems, networks, and tech needs so you can focus on your business without worries.

We offer scalable solutions to securely store and manage your digital files and information on remote servers.

We help businesses navigate complex compliance landscapes, ensuring that they adhere to laws, standards, and regulations relevant to their operations.

Cloud Services
A cost effective way to access your data and applications from anywhere with an internet connection.

Backup & Recovery
We offer a safety net for your data, preventing loss and providing a quick way to restore information if something goes wrong.

Our team has a strong understanding of business processes, meaning we can tailor our recommendations to your organization’s particular goals. We communicate clearly without the technical jargon so you can be confident in your decisions.

Hand with network cable in a technology data center

Why You Need DBS for Your IT Solutions


If your business is growing

If your business is expanding or running into new regulations, your tech is going to need to keep up with you, which is where we come in.



Our goal is to fully understand your current IT systems

We want to help meet your business goals and make recommendations that are customized to you.


From cloud computing to security consultations

We’re able to analyze every detail and make sure no gaps are left in your network.



We are information technology experts

We are the company that makes a thorough assessment of your needs and creates a unique solution to exceed your expectations.



Trusted Partnerships

We’re partnered with a wide variety of tech industry leaders across multiple platforms for hosting, digital forensics, managed services and  OMS.


Testimonials from Our Customers